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The Shadow of R'yleh Looms

A thousand years have passed since Great Cthulhu stirred in His slumber and drowned the kingdoms of the world beneath the waves.

But for those who survived, the horror had only begun. And for their descendants, there would be nothing but darkness and the unceasing rain...

The Game

THE DROWNED LANDS is a roleplaying game for 3 or more players set in the apocalyptic Age of Cthulhu. Create a ruin delver and venture into the crumbling bones of the old world in search of precious relics and weird artifacts. But beware: death, madness, and corruption come quickly beneath the watchful gaze of the Great Old Ones and their servants.

Featuring a simple 3d6 "roll under stat" rule system where a character's skills allow them to reroll dice, the game also incorporates a fast-paced auto-hit combat system derived from games like Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland. All you need to play is a set of dice (1d4, 3d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20).

Characters possess a special background that provides them with a unique ability that allows them to carry out their role as part of a delver team. Relics and magic involve the manipulation of "Aeon energy," which can potentially corrupt those who tap into it too frequently. The game uses an open-ended spellcasting system involving the recovery and recitation of ancient texts. 

This 140+ page, fully-illustrated rulebook contains all the rules you need to create characters suitable for the Drowned Lands of Kharizorn as well as some basic setting information and examples of horrors delvers may encounter in the deep, forgotten corners of the world.


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Drowned Lands Character Sheets 2 MB

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